Azamgarh police busts card Cloning gang

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Azamgarh Police has busted a gang of cyber criminals who were not only stealing the money of gullible debit/credit card holders but causing a major dent to the banking sectors.
Two people have been arrested by the cops who had bought a card reader and skimmer from online shopping websites. One of the accused owned a common service center (CSC), which helps in getting e-service of government. They targetted people who used to come to this center and made payment through their cards.
Explaining the modus-operandi, Azamgarh Superintendent of Police Triveni Singh said, “These card reader, writer and skimmer can be bought from Amazon, ebay or Indiamart by paying Rs 35,000. These devices are misused to copy the data of credit card. Tutorials on how to clone a card are available on YouTube.”

Triveni Singh said criminal had the franchise of CSC and a micro-ATM (swiping machine). “All the people coming to get the government’s service were targetted and their card was cloned. They got access to their ATM pin by recording their password by installing a secret camera.”
All the card data was copied on blank cards which can be bought from online portals. Cloned cards were then sent to cities like Mumbai and Pune from where money was withdrawn. Card cloners used to get 25 % commission of the total amount withdrawn.

Azamgarh police have found 5,000 data from the customer. Cops are now going to write to NPCI for mapping of such crimes.